In this era of digital transformation when organizations are racing to get products and services to market faster, their demand for agility has led to a new model of application development and delivery.

Like the name implies, microservices are small, independent components that together make up a complete application. By chunking up an application’s code into manageable units of microservices rather than being bound to a monolithic code base, developers can quickly deploy updates for any part of the application—and push code to production many times a day rather than monthly or quarterly.

Enabling technologies

Two key enabling technologies for microservices are containers and Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration platform. Packaged in a container with all the resources it needs to run, a microservice can be scaled independently of other microservices, while Kubernetes automates the deployment, scaling, and management of the entire containerized application. Also key is the application delivery controller (ADC) to enable secure communication between the outside world and microservices as well as to load balance and secure traffic among microservices.

Why microservices and why now

Modernizing your application delivery is no small step

To successfully transition from a monolithic to a microservices-based architecture, you will need to modernize your application delivery by accounting for:

Modernizing your application delivery requires effort

Get your applications to production faster

At Citrix, our application delivery solutions include the flexibility you need to move at the speed of your business. You’ll be able to confidently deploy and deliver microservices-based applications with your choice of architectures to balance benefits and complexity and reduce risk.

Citrix application delivery solutions enable you to deploy, run, and troubleshoot microservicesbased applications faster. In addition, our solutions:

  • Are battle-tested application delivery solutions. 
  • Support all the major Kubernetes platforms: Amazon (EKS), Azure (AKS), Google (GKE), and Red Hat OpenShift. 
  • Support the most popular open-source tools, including Istio, Prometheus, Grafana, Spinnaker, and more. 
  • Integrate with CI/CD tooling. 
  • Offer better performance, lower latency, and better observability. 
  • Are available in a variety of form factors and can support both monolithic and microservices-based applications as you transition to a cloud native approach to application delivery.

Reduce the risk to your applications

Microservices deployment and delivery are complex, and IT skill sets vary. Citrix ADC gives you peace of mind with:

  • Production-grade Citrix-supported solutions
    Citrix solutions are fully battle-tested and backed by expert support.
  • Holistic observability stack
    Citrix service graphs in combination with open-source tools for logging, metrics, and tracing give you the most holistic observability stack for troubleshooting microservices faster.
  • Consistent security across monoliths and microservices
    Improve your security posture by enforcing consistent security policies across all your applications.
  • Better performance and scale
    Achieve lower latency and higher performance to ensure the best user experience.

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The essential guide to accelerating your journey to microservices-based applications