Investment in artificial intelligence is reaching unparalleled returns. A partnership with Dell Technologies OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions will have a transformative impact on your business so that you aren’t just trying to keep up with your industry, you’ll lead it.

Total digital transformation hinges upon advancement across all spaces, from development and user experience to security and manufacturing. To achieve growth at scale, not to mention analyze the sheer abundance of data, organizations must incorporate machine learning to enhance human teams. Speed and quantity become manageable variables rather than barriers, providing you the leverage and intelligence to innovate and differentiate in your industry.

Results that go deep.
Using information and training to solve a problem, rather than programmatic code, can provide solutions that may not be possible with other methods. By presenting data sets to an algorithm and defining the solution through AI, it allows for an ever-increasing amount of information to be evaluated and put to use immediately. Those valuable insights will have a profoundly positive effect on customer experience. And your bottom line. Looking below the surface of machine learning to potential use cases, the possibilities are endless. Significant advancements in major areas like medical, security, civic infrastructure, intellectual property, industrial processes, identity detection and imaging processing are rapidly changing the world around us. Information that once took years to collect and understand is now accessible in moments.

Commoditizing the atypical.
Beneath the irregularities that were once roadblocks to progress are fiscal opportunities. Better design and a more seamless CX drives satisfaction, trust and advocacy. It’s an investment in improving systems, but also in optimizing customer usage. And that investment is getting more affordable while ROI is going up.

An intelligent partner.
Development is the main impediment to implementing AI, as the specialized knowledge required to create the technology is largely unavailable. Yet the data scientists and programmers that know how to use the increasing volume of accelerators are integral to your business.

Dell Technologies is the partner that will usher you into the intelligent future. Augment your staff who understands your unique capabilities with our engineers who possess the expertise and ability to address operational concerns surrounding the technology. OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions comprehends the AI environment and what it takes to get there.

It’s only getting better.
AI is a quickly changing landscape and the technology will make dramatic progress in the near future. OEM | Embedded & Edge Solutions is already architecting products to take advantage of future designs and impacting roadmaps.

Technology is going to places it never could before as migrating AI—and running augmented training—to the edge in smaller devices is becoming an exciting reality. Today’s GPUs will become tomorrow’s IPUs.

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The Future is Intelligent. Optimize your business decisions with the power of AI