Lost files, system failures, data breaches and service outages – these all can cause costly downtime and permanent data loss. Businesses can’t afford the financial impact of data disasters. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery brings together secure backup and fast recovery of virtual and physical environments into the cloud for total data protection.

Backups are stored in a secured offsite cloud that is disconnected from the network – ready for when a disaster scenario strikes. When you need to quickly recover your data, we can restore your environment with zero data loss and minimal disruption to operations.

Reliable data protection minimizes the impact of a disaster.

Disasters occur in many forms — power outages, natural disasters, data breaches, equipment failures — and cause serious damage if you aren’t prepared. The value of your information continues to grow, making data protection more important than ever. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery is a leading data loss protection solution for on-premise, in the cloud and everywhere your data lives.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

We manage and support your backup and recovery operations, including scheduling, alerting and the testing process, 24/7/365. Stay in control with maximum operational transparency with real-time status and performance reports, and personalized retention and archival periods.

  • Core Infrastructure Protection — Store protected data on tape, disk or cloud, including integrated deduplication and encryption support, with all basic backup and recovery capabilities. Single-pane-of-glass solution supplies complete visibility into backup and recovery operations with reporting capabilities. 
  • Data Protection for All Workloads — Support for all file systems, enterprise applications, workstations, virtual platforms and documents, including Oracle, Active Directory, SAP, Office 365, Hyper-V, VMWare, SQL, SharePoint and more.
  • User-Specific Workloads — Protect and intelligently archive user data stored in Office 365 and Google mailboxes both on-premises and in the cloud, as well as other user-based repositories such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Google Drive. 
  • Replication and Hardware Snapshot Management — Replicate copies of live data in secondary locations and integrate with storage arrays to perform snapshots and backup operations from those snapshots.

Safeguard mission-critical data in the cloud

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery gives organizations a secure way to protect their information from ransomware and other emerging threats. Backups are stored in a secure, cloud data center, disconnected from the network for total protection. In the event of a crippling data breach, backups can restore your entire environment in minutes.

Cloud-Based Data Protection Solution

  • Keep Data Safe — Provide backup protection for end-user systems, enterprise infrastructure and cloud applications — regardless of risk type or source. 
  • Disconnected Backups — Backups are disconnected from your network to eliminate ransomware lockup or compromised data. Information is sent over an encrypted internet connection to a secure, compliant data center. 
  • Disaster Recovery in the Cloud — Provide a direct line to quick and secure recovery of an entire virtual environment. Bring systems back to the last-known good state as quickly as possible to minimize damage from an attack. 
  • Secure Cloud Data Center — Critical information is stored at a low-risk underground, zero seismic zone data center at Iron Mountain — regarded as one of the most secure facilities in the nation with protection against manmade and natural disasters for long-term data protection.
  • Multiple Deployment Types — Two deployment models: Backed-up data can be stored locally and replicated to our offsite data center or just sent directly to the data center from your servers.

Quick and painless restore of your entire environment

No matter the length of time, downtime can be costly and cause a major hit to your productivity. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery minimizes the impact of downtime events by increasing response times. Swiftly responds to downtime events with cost-effective restore solutions that support modern environments.

Recovery in the Cloud

  • Immediate Recovery — Seamless recovery happens within minutes instead of days to keep your business running without interruption and proactively ready for the unexpected.
  • Secure Cloud Environment — Quickly restore your systems after a disaster event to a secure, secondary cloud environment that can keep your employees productive and meeting deadlines. 
  • Entire Virtual Machines — Recovering an entire environment is simple and quick with adaptable Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments. Easily fail over specific virtual machines or an entire site with zero data loss and disruption. 
  • Employee Workstations — Recover noncritical data from full to granular image on employee workstations within five minutes of a disaster. 
  • Single-File Recovery — With search and discovery, single files can be recovered from disparate data silos throughout your entire environment — on-premises, applications or in the cloud.

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