The modern digital workplace has evolved, introducing a new and complex set of IT security, compliance, data protection, and regulations challenges. To keep your team and organization protected, you need a way to simplify your stack, while evolving it to meet today’s needs and your unique challenges.

That’s where Cisco Umbrella can help. Cisco Umbrella unifies secure web gateway, cloud-delivered firewall, DNS-layer security, and cloud access security broker (CASB) solutions into a single, easily deployed, cloud-based service — a secure on-ramp to the internet. Whether you’re a security admin supporting a single location or an IT team securing a slew of branches and remote workers, Umbrella delivers the deep inspection and control you need to provide effective threat protection across a variety of use cases.

Put sophisticated threats in their place.

66% of organizations have experienced or are currently combating targeted attacks — but they’ve never faced threats like these before. More sophisticated and more prevalent, cyberattacks can strike anywhere — with every endpoint a potential point of weakness.

Today’s security leaders know that traditional controls alone just can’t get the job done. Umbrella can help. By augmenting your existing security stack to amplify its effectiveness, and by protecting remote users and direct internet access breakouts, you can block threats before they become attacks, keeping your users and data safe.

Axcess Financial — a leading provider of payday loans — was looking to protect their team, their customers, and their critical data from complex threats. And, with an expanding network perimeter, Axcess needed more than the traditional on-premises security stack to see and protect every location and device.

Provide protection without borders

The modern workforce increasingly works outside the central office — and outside its protection. This shift presents new avenues where threats can strike — making remote and roaming users prime targets for attacks.

Securing remote and roaming workers presents a unique challenge to IT teams: How can you provide these users with the same level of security outside the network as in it — without increasing complexity or throttling performance? That’s where Umbrella comes in.

Branch out your protection

Today, direct internet access (DIA) allows branch offices to significantly improve network performance — eliminating latency by removing the need to traffic to the data center. But as a result, internet traffic from these locations isn’t seen or protected by the centralized security stack, which can leave users and sensitive data exposed.

To embrace the increasing use of direct internet access, IT teams need a simplified, cloud-delivered service that unifies the power of multiple point security solutions in a single console. That solution is Cisco Umbrella.

Build your investigation reputation

It’s tough to get a complete picture of an attack. It’s even tougher to handle it quickly and decisively when you’re using tools from multiple vendors, each addressing only one piece of the puzzle! And don’t forget all those alerts!

Investigating and responding to incidents requires a massive simplification and consolidation of security systems. Offering robust threat intelligence as both a web console and API, Cisco Umbrella Investigate helps incident response teams identify and respond to attacks, mitigate damage, and deliver proactive protection for the future by easily integrating with all of your other systems and Cisco security architecture. And, by introducing Cisco Threat Response to Umbrella, you can dramatically cut the time and effort needed to remediate incidents.

Shed light on shadow IT

Workers are always seeking new ways to increase their productivity —and the right applications can make a big difference. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the time, these cloud-based apps are downloaded and used without being properly vetted by IT. Non-compliant with company security policies, much of this shadow IT has security vulnerabilities that can expose the network to attackers.

Employees are going to keep using applications with or without approval, so IT teams need a new way to monitor the apps being used — and block the risky ones that shouldn’t be. Cisco Umbrella provides the needed visibility to see what’s happening across your organization, so you can take steps to protect it.

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