The events of the past year turned the digital work world upside down. Practically overnight, the laptop became an office onto itself. And as a result, IT support had to pivot quickly and approach strange new work problems from a different, more intuitive angle.

Now, with that long and difficult year in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look ahead. Here are the most important predictions for the post-pandemic future of IT.

Every year, analysts and thought leaders look back on the previous twelve months and offer predictions that speak to where we’re headed next. These predictions are backed by data, research, and a strong understanding of developing trends in the industry and the world at large. And then came 2020 – a year that even the most forward-thinking innovators couldn’t have possibly predicted.

The coronavirus pandemic sent shockwaves through businesses across the globe, displacing tight-knit teams into isolated remote offices and forcing business leaders to adapt at an alarming rate. The plans we all entered the new year with were put on hold, abandoned altogether, or replaced with new strategies tailored to our digital-only work environments.

Many of these changes posed tremendous challenges, as individuals and organizations alike battled financial hurdles, safety concerns, and the long-term stresses brought on by an unpredictable and unfamiliar collective problem.

But with difficult challenge comes positive change – and the IT field underwent a remarkable period of evolution as a result of the pandemic. From the acceleration of digital transformation to the rise of employee-centric IT strategies, the innovation that took place through 2020 laid the foundation for a new era of IT.

We’re beginning to recognize the long-term effects the pandemic has had on modern businesses and IT teams specifically. Keep reading to learn what trends IT leaders must take note of as their teams emerge from the pandemic to an entirely new workplace reality.

IT professionals are accustomed to rapid change – but the impact of the global pandemic was something that none of us could have predicted.

If you’re anything like us, you had to set aside your best laid plans and create new strategies for the era of displaced teams and hybrid workplaces.

But these changes didn’t just create stress and instability – they also set the stage for remarkable innovation and a full-scale evolution in the world of IT.

In this eBook, we present the most impactful trends for IT teams as they emerge from the pandemic and enter a fundamentally changed workplace reality.

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Top IT Trends and Predictions for the New Way of Working