To succeed in the era of digital transformation, organizations must be able to implement, operate, and manage technologies and solutions quickly and efficiently, with no tolerance for disruptions and downtime. Meeting these requirements depends on the ability of operations management (ITOM) and service management (ITSM) to collaborate seamlessly to resolve and prevent issues—but in reality, staffing challenges, decentralized infrastructure, siloed processes, and the speed and complexity of data leave I&O teams struggling and fragmented.

When every second counts, IT service and ops teams need to share a clear view of the entire infrastructure and its relationship to business services, as well as a fast and efficient way to prioritize and remediate issues and vulnerabilities. BMC Helix bridges the gap to enable Proactive Service Resolution so these teams can act as a single, cohesive entity to operate and remediate highly dynamic and complex environments accurately, quickly, and efficiently. Organizations can:

  • Improve quality of service by reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) 
  • Lower IT costs by eliminating redundant work and automating remediation 
  • Reduce risk with business-aware management and prioritization

With BMC Helix, IT organizations can deliver Proactive Service Resolution and leverage industryleading ITSM and ITOM capabilities natively, powered by cognitive automation, to drive efficiency, speed, and innovation across their transforming digital environment.

The Damaging Business Impact of Siloed Incident Resolution

Time is of the essence in the digital economy. The modern business is more dependent than ever on technology and has zero tolerance for outages and delays. However, traditional IT tools and processes struggle to support the speed and agility today’s digital businesses require. Taking a siloed approach to event resolution, they lack essential contextualizing information from the service and operations management disciplines, leaving I&O teams struggling to understand the entire environment as a whole.

The impact of siloed incident resolution can be devastating to digital business performance and competitiveness.

Inefficient Use of Resources

To deliver optimal service, I&O needs to address issues proactively, before they affect the business. In most organizations, though, a lack of visibility into the relationships between IT infrastructure, configuration items (CIs), and specific applications and services leaves I&O without an understanding of the environment as a whole. This fragmented visibility makes it much more difficult to anticipate and prevent problems, or to troubleshoot and resolve them quickly when they do arise.

BMC Helix reimagines I&O to help organizations achieve new levels of efficiency, speed, and innovation. Natively integrated, industry-leading ITSM and ITOM capabilities bridge the gap between these teams and enable close collaboration through shared visibility, cognitive automation, and seamless workflows. Acting as a single, cohesive entity, ITSM and ITOM can take a proactive and efficient approach to service resolution that makes it possible to:

  • Reduce the number of tickets in the queue by resolving issues before they affect users and customers, and by consolidating tickets that share the same causal event.
  • Route tickets right the first time to speed resolution, eliminate redundant work, and solve problems with fewer people.
  • Prioritize issues based on their business impact so you’re always addressing the most critical issues first.
  • Improve service availability to increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity while avoiding the high cost of outages.

More than just an incremental upgrade, BMC Helix is a powerful new way to provide a scalable, future-proof foundation for successful digital operations. We’re excited to be launching this new solution for our customers and we’re eager to see it help enterprises transform the unknowns to knowns. Learn more about delivering Proactive Service Resolution with BMC Helix in our white paper, “Transforming I&O for Digital Business Success with Proactive Service Resolution by BMC Helix”—and discover a better way to support your organization.

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Transforming I&O for Digital Business Success with Proactive Service Resolution by BMC Helix