Enterprise IT must be capable of many functions, but at the heart of it all, the core mission of IT is using technology to solve business problems. Specifically, this means looking for ways to make the business more agile so that leaders will be in a better position to recognize and act on business opportunities. The flip side to creating business agility, however, is that business leaders must look for new and better ways to protect their data and to keep critical workloads running. Veeam and Cisco are uniquely positioned to help businesses achieve optimum protection for their data and high availability for workloads.

HyperFlex as a Backup Target

Veeam is now partnering with Cisco to allow Cisco HyperFlex systems to be used as a backup target. Although Veeam is designed to work with nearly any backup target, there are especially compelling use cases for Cisco HyperFlex.

HyperFlex is a hyperconverged data platform that provides compute, network, and storage resources to the workloads that are running on it. One of the key advantages to using HyperFlex as a backup target is that it has been engineered for scalability. As such, it enables businesses to scale at will via the addition of nodes.(Read More:Veeam Drives Virtual Infrastructure Adoption and Service-Level Attainment)

Of course, scalability is not the only consideration that must be taken into account when selecting a backup platform. The platform must also deliver a level of performance sufficient to meet the organization’s current and future data protection needs, and it needs to be able to adapt to the infrastructure changes that inevitably occur over time.

Hyperconverged systems have rapidly gained popularity over the last several years, and for good reason: they’re scalable, reliable, and affordable. Even so, hyperconverged platforms only live up to their full potential when the hardware is combined with software specifically designed to leverage the benefits of the underlying hardware architecture.

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By running Veeam Availability Suite on Cisco HyperFlex hardware, you get best-in-class data protection from proven vendors. Veeam has long been an industry leader in the backup and disaster recovery sector, and Cisco has a longstanding reputation for building quality hardware. Veeam and Cisco’s partnership has allowed Veeam to certify Availability Suite as 100% compatible with Cisco HyperFlex, meaning that customers can avoid the problems so often associated with lack of compatibility between hardware and software.

One of the primary benefits of running Veeam Availability Suite on HyperFlex hardware is that it allows high-speed recovery. Historically, recovering data has meant waiting for completion of a time-consuming restoration process. Veeam’s Availability Suite, in contrast, allows virtual machines (VMs) to be brought back online instantly. Because the data has been backed up to a HyperFlex system, Veeam is able to use the system’s compute and network resources to mount the VM and run it directly from the backup while a traditional recovery is performed in the background.

Business Outcomes
Regardless of the benefits provided by Veeam Availability Suite and Cisco HyperFlex, the business outcome is the ultimate bottom line. As IT budgets continue to shrink, IT purchases are receiving ever-increasing scrutiny. As such, hardware and software purchases must be justifiable through a tangible return on investment.

A Potent Combination
As you can see, we’re in a new era of computing; an era in which outages are no longer acceptable, in which organizations can’t afford to be offline even for a few minutes or risk suffering significant damage. It’s a time that calls for hardware and software to work together to deliver data protection and disaster recovery that’s nearly instantaneous, to properly insulate businesses from that risk.

When two of the most well-known companies combine to offer just that, it’s worth paying attention to. Cisco and Veeam have earned their reputations for quality over the years. When they work on something like this together, you can have even more confidence that they’re offering a solution you can’t get anywhere else.

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