Launch Your Journey With Activecore SDN And Sd-WAN From Comcast Business

The digital world is shaping the landscape for today’s distributed enterprise. Digital
transformation—driven by accelerated cloud adoption, ubiquitous mobility and the Internet of Things—has earned a place as a constantly evolving goal for most enterprises. At the same time, businesses are building more applications specifically for the internet. And that requires an internet-friendly and cost-effective network environment.

All of these developments are fueling a skyrocketing demand for bandwidth and flexibility. MPLS networks fall short of modern traffic requirements, with neither the capabilities nor price points to support today’s bandwidth needs. Squeezing software-based business processes through yesterday’s hardware-centric network pipes is no longer an option. It’s time for a new business networking approach: a software-defined networking platform to support your evolving business.

The Comcast Business Activecore Platform— SDN Built For Distributed Businesses

Comcast Business now offers the solution: ActiveCore, our carrier-grade software-defined networking (SDN) platform capable of being delivered with Gigabit speeds across the nation’s largest IP network. ActiveCore enables your migration from pre-digital legacy networks to the SDN world of centralized software controls that quickly, adeptly and cost-effectively activate and manage resources. It eliminates labor-intensive and time-consuming on-site hardware installations and re-configurations, and delivers performance and flexibility.

Introducing Comcast Business SD-WDN— A Smarter Network Solution

The first virtual wide-area network (WAN) offering backed by the power of ActiveCoreSM, Comcast Business SD-WAN is now available to help you take better control of your digital transformation. With Comcast Business SD-WAN, you can easily:

  • Establish smarter network connections that deliver reliable performance, strong economics and an ability to support your evolving business.
  • Update existing networks and cost-effectively create new ones over Gigabit broadband that give your branch offices enterprise-grade efficiency and agility.
  • Take advantage of “application-aware” capabilities that select intelligent network routes and allow you to centrally push, manage and update policies across your business for optimal application and network performance.
  • Minimize dependence on complex, expensive MPLS technology.

Flexible, Centralized Network Control From A Single Pane Of Glass

Imagine a world where software automation replaces manual installations and configurations, and monitoring the health of your entire distributed enterprise is as simple as viewing realtime network performance snapshots across a single screen. Imagine having unprecedented application and network visibility and control across all locations. The ActiveCoreSM SDN platform and SD-WAN provide this capability through their direct integration with Comcast Business operational and support systems.

Real-time insights, down to the port and device level, help you better manage apps and traffic from across your software-defined network. You’ll have actionable insights on any device, allowing you to quickly act on important business opportunities.

To read full download the whitepaper:
Virtual Networks Power Digital Transformation