Today’s enterprise leaders are looking for a way to make apps run faster, IT management cheaper, and provisioning easier. The advent of hyper-converged software (HCS) has meant that organizations can now get much more out of their hardware than ever before. New data center options are emerging that save time, space and money — creating an industry pivot and a new focus on hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

The Solution is HCI
HCI revolutionizes the data center, bringing all the benefits of server virtualization to storage. It is composed of two essential elements: hyper-converged software and industry-standard hardware. Together they provide the performance, flexibility, and efficiency that budget-conscious, resource-starved IT departments crave.

VMware HCS is a single HCI software stack that seamlessly integrates management, compute, storage and networking capabilities onto industry-standard x86 hardware to deliver high performance and low cost.

VMware HCS Enables Radically Simple Infrastructure for the Software Defined Data Center
VMware HCS consists of three components — Virtual SAN, vSphere and vCenter Server — deployed on the broadest choice of industry-standard x86 building blocks. vSphere, the industryleading virtualization platform with over 500,000 customers, abstracts and aggregates compute and memory resources to provide powerful server virtualization, while Virtual SAN, the only vSphereembedded storage solution, pools server-attached storage to create a high performance, resilient, shared storage optimized for virtual machines. vCenter Server delivers the unified and extensible management solution.

Radically Simple
VMware HCS solutions are built on VMware vSphere, the trusted, market-leading virtualization platform. It’s this platform that provides the tightest integration across the VMware stack, seamlessly extending the hypervisor to natively deliver compute, networking, storage and management capabilities.

Unlike traditional infrastructures, with heterogeneous systems deployed in silos — each with its own features, tools and management — VMware HCS is one integrated stack. That means provisioning is automated and extremely fast. Compute and storage are provisioned together, per-VM, with just a few clicks — No LUNs or RAID configurations needed. No timeconsuming tickets or error-prone manual processes. Management is simplified through common tools while automation features lower operational overhead.

Beyond simplified management through policybased control and automation, you also benefit from rapid deployment and maintenance. Extend virtualization from compute to storage to enable an HCI solution with just a few clicks — no additional software to install and a single pane of glass to manage your infrastructure.

Highest Performance
VMware HCS is the only fully integrated HCI software stack delivering kernel-embedded storage, eliminating the need for additional Virtual Appliances and extra network hops for read/write operations associated with such virtual appliances. With VMware HCS, compute, storage and networking is delivered from the hypervisor, optimizing the I/O path for the most efficient performance. Solutions like ours can deliver consistent levels of performance suitable for almost any application.

All-flash systems are capable of delivering over 6M IOPS per cluster while hybrid systems can deliver up to 2.5M IOPS. The hypervisorbased architecture along with server-side read/write caching reduces bottlenecks allowing data placement and read/write optimizations that provide the lowest latency — without compromising CPU/memory resources or VM consolidation.

Lowest Cost
Since VMware HCS uses industry-standard hardware available from all major OEMs, there’s no need to invest large CAPEX dollars in standalone storage or converged systems. Typically, the same components on dedicated storage arrays can cost up to 5x more, without providing the scalability benefits of HCI systems.

Customers can further lower OpEx by using a solution leveraging the industry-leading virtualization platform, vSphere, which they are already familiar with and have the technical expertise and resources for. Furthermore, a solution that provides high availability and data resiliency, one that provides 5-nines (99.999%) availability with adanvced data protection can eliminate costly downtime. When optimized for all-flash, VMware HCS-based systems can deliver all-flash HCI for as low as $1 per usable GB — over 50% less than competing hybrid HCI systems.

Built on a proven foundation, VMware HCS incorporates 6 key capabilities

  • All-flash optimizations 
  • Deduplication 
  • Compression 
  • Erasure coding (RAID 5/6) 
  • Integrated monitoring 
  • Optimized for all apps, including Oracle, SAP, containers and more

It’s a Hyper-Converged World
Now that you’ve got a feel for what HCI is and what VMware Virtual SAN can do, read the following customer stories to see how tomorrow’s data centers are enabling enterprises to cut costs, increase performance and streamline operations today.

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Why Enterprises Are Embracing Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)