Accelerating Business Requires Ubiquitous Security … and Convenience

As the development and rollout of applications and services accelerates, employees are struggling. According to LastPass’ 3rd Annual Global Password report, workers have to remember 50 to 120 passwords. The impossibility of maintaining complex passwords for all those accounts leads to poor password hygiene.

As the number of daily login events rises, UX increases in importance. Enterprise password management addresses security requirements while providing a consistent and comfortable user experience

It’s imperative that organizations put in place a universal and user-friendly solution to enable all their employees to securely access the tools they need to do their jobs. Security controls need to be transparent and manageable for all users

Facing the Adversary

Are cybercriminals just too good at what they do?

According to IDC research, 60% of European organizations are either implementing or extending digital-first strategies to deliver business outcomes. Leveraging new partners and suppliers brings business benefits but increases exposure.

How can organizations provide secure access to requisite systems to a supplier without potentially exposing themselves to compromise? Passwords and authentication can be a weak link if those mechanisms are not protected.

Moreover, ransomware attacks and supply chain attacks continue to threaten our organizations. Supply chain risk will only increase as we move beyond the pandemic and globalization accelerates.

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Enabling the Future of Work with EPM, Identity and Access Controls

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