Work has never been this flexible

The business world spent the past year and a half experiencing remote work. It was an abrupt change for many, especially those who had never tested remote work models, and IT teams had to scramble to make working from home work for everyone.

The reality is, more flexibility in where people work was on the horizon, and the pandemic simply accelerated what was soon to come. As the world works to make meeting in-person safe again, organizations are planning for a return to office, and that looks different for everyone. What we know is that less than 1 in 5 executives expect the workplace to return as it was pre-pandemic and half of employees want to work from home at least 3 days a week1 , but there’s always going to be value in working and collaborating in-person.

At Google, we’ve set our sights on a hybrid work structure, where Googlers will spend three days per week in office and two days wherever they work best. As you plan for a return to office and consider options that offer flexibility for your teams, this is your chance to reimagine the workplace.

Here’s your inside look at some of Google’s strategies for our return to office, and some inspiration for how you can design a work environment that’s right for your organization with the flexibility and security of Chrome OS.

How Chrome OS enables flexible work for Google’s employees

Google’s campuses are an essential component of our community and culture. Our teams value in-person collaboration and enjoy many benefits of being in our offices across the globe, but we know that many employees will still enjoy and benefit from the flexibility of working from home a couple days of the week.

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How Google is doing Hybrid Work And how you can make your strategy possible with the help of Chrome OS

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