Data Center Protection Strategy Putting Your Business at Risk


Artificial Intelligence. Big Data Analytics. Internet of Things. Chances are your company has invested a lot of resources in recent years transforming to a data-centric organization. You’re not alone: in a survey of global IT leaders, 77% told Frost & Sullivan that investments in data analytics are critical to their business’s digital transformation success over the next 5 years; and 47% said investments in Big Data and Analytics are more important than other technologies. Overall, less than 1% of businesses reported not having some sort of digital transformation strategy; and less than 20% report being behind their industry peers in implementing a digital transformation.

But how are you Data Center protecting the growing data pools that fuel your business? Have you collaborated with your Chief Security Information Officer or Compliance officer on a data protection plan that extends across your critical applications? Or are you relying on your cloud service provider or storage solution to provide the protection you need?

If you’re like many of your colleagues, perhaps you don’t think about data protection enough. 

Your business applications must be able to access increasing volumes of data around-the-clock, regardless of outages, human error, and cyber threats. You need protection from cyber security breaches that can cost almost $4 million each, and can result in Is your data center protection strategy putting your business at risk shut downs, lost revenue, and stiff fines and penalties in regulated industries.

The Data Availability Solution Payoff

No system, layer, physical security device, or process can stop every intrusion; but you can mitigate the effects of a breach or natural disaster on your business. Using an intelligent storage management platform mitigates security risks by ensuring that clean copies of data are always available to any application that needs it.

Modern data availability platforms give businesses the ability to parse old copies of data, find last “clean” copy not infected with malware or ransomware, and restore the environment using the clean copy—without having to pay the “ransom” for data to be returned. This enables fast recovery, particularly from ransomware attacks.

My Data is Replicated, So it should be easy to restore

The right data availability solutions makes data available across your business’s complete hybrid environment, enabling applications located anywhere within the network to access it. In order to achieve this goal, the latest availability solutions integrate highly efficient, flexible, and scalable storage infrastructure with sophisticated automation and intelligence tools.

Critical to the success of the data-driven organization is the ability to streamline routine operations
and tasks leaving more time, energy, and resources for innovation and development of new services
that support the business. By automating policies, you ensure that, regardless of what storage
infrastructure or how many volumes of data are added, they are covered by the same security policies.


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Is Your Data Center Protection Strategy Putting Your Business at Risk?

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